• The Evolution and History of Handpan Drums

    The Evolution and History of Handpan Drums

    The handpan drum, also known as hang drum or pan drum, is a relatively new percussion instrument that has quickly gained popularity around the world. With its melodic and hypnotic sound, the handpan allows musicians to express themselves in new and exciting ways. But where did this fascinating instrument come from? Let’s explore the evolution […]

  • Playing Handpan Drums

    A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Handpan Drums

    The handpan is a fascinating and unique musical instrument that has gained popularity in recent years. Its distinct sound and captivating appearance make it a favorite among musicians and enthusiasts alike. If you’re interested in learning how to play the handpan, this beginner’s guide will provide you with the essential steps to get started and […]

  • Discover the Magical World of Handpan Drums

    Discover the Magical World of Handpan Drums

    With its hypnotic and melodic sound, the handpan drum transports listeners to a realm of imagination and wonder. This fascinating modern percussion instrument has quickly captured the fascination of audiences worldwide. In this article, we will explore the mystical musical journey that awaits within the world of handpan drums. Born in the early 2000s in […]

  • what is a lyre harp

    What is a Lyre Harp?

    A traditional stringed instrument with a beautiful, calming tone is the lyre harp. The harp lyre and its variations have been used by musicians to generate lovely, reflective music for thousands of years. But what is a lyre harp exactly, and where did this unusual instrument originate? The history, making, and playing of the lyre […]

  • A girl playing kalimba

    What is a Kalimba?

    The distinctive African musical instrument known as the kalimba, commonly referred to as the thumb piano, has gained popularity all over the world. When the metal tines of the kalimba are plucked by the thumbs, a meditative, melodious sound is produced. Let’s examine the definition of a kalimba and the allure of this instrument in […]

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